Tray sealing machine CAVECO mod. TEMA 70



Tray sealing machine

Tray sealing machine mod TEMA 70

The automatic sealing machine mod. TEMA is suitable for packaging food products in preformed trays in thermosealing, MAP (protective atmosphere in order to reach a longer product shelf-life) or SKIN (Skin Ef-fect) with plastic film obtained from film reel, for the food industry.


Production and output

The packaging machine TEMA mod. T (only thermosealing) can reach 15 cycles per minutes, while the TEMA mod. T+VG (with protective atmosphere MAP) reaches from 5 up to 9 cycles per minute and the TEMA SKIN can reach from 5 up to 6 cycles per minute.


Technical data:

Dimensions: 2700 x 1290 x h 2000 mm

Weight included vacuum pump: 1150 kg approx.

Work top height: 890 mm

Max film width: 700 mm

Max film diameter: 280 mm

Max film mandrel diameter: 75 – 80 mm

Max tray height with vacuum: 100 mm

Max tray height without vacuum: 110 mm

Country: Canada

Brand: Caveco

Year of manufacturing: 2010

Machine conditions: Second hand - Working

ID: 19053

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