Cutter mod K330 (Laska)



Cutter mod K330 (Laska)

Tank capacity: 330 liters

LASKA cutter technology is based on practical research and development work as well as long years of experience. Combined with other machines, the LASKA cutter is suitable for large quantities to be processed, but also for smaller batches. Both fresh meat and pre-chopped frozen meat can be processed, and rind emulsions can be produced without any difficulty. Customers use the LASKA cutters to produce:

› Raw sausage

› Cooked sausage

› Scalded sausage

› Rind emulsion

› Pies

› Preserved products

› Soups and sauces

› Sweets

And much more …

Country: Italia

Brand: Laska

Year of manufacturing: -

Machine conditions: Second hand - Working

ID: 20002

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